Prin Legea privind acreditarea Universităţii Spiru Haret din Bucureşti nr. 443 din 5 iulie 2002, publicată în Monitorul Oficial al României nr. 491 din 9 iulie 2002, Universitatea Spiru Haret este definită ca „instituţie de învăţământ superior, persoană juridică de drept privat şi de utilitate publică, parte a sistemului naţional de învăţământ”.



The Act nr. 443 of July 5, 2002, published in the Official Gazette of Romania nr. 491 on July 9, 2002, ratified the fact that Spiru Haret University, upon accreditation, is a ‘higher education institution, a legal person of private law and public utility, a part of the national system of education’.

Spiru Haret University has adopted the ideals and principles set forth by the Magna Charta Universitatum, ratified in Bologna in 1988, advocating for the transposition, in higher education and scientific research, of the regulations, standards and values voted during the Bologna Process.  The University President and Rector signed the Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna in 2005 and pledged, in the name of University, to observe and promote the academic autonomy, the fundamental university values and rights, to effectively react to the challenges entailed by the transition to the knowledge-based society, by the globalization process